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What parts of the sky to look at and how to get started.

Taking Pictures

Guide to capturing clear and sharp deep space images.

Image Processing

Tutorials on what software to use and recommended settings.

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These In-depth guides will help get you started on your astrophotography journey

Choosing the right telescope, particularly for your first instrument, is a difficult task and you may be tempted to turn to forums and facebook groups [...]

What to Look For When Buying a Telescope

If you’ve never shot the milky way, but you’ve always wanted to learn how to do milky way photography then your in luck. In this [...]

How To Photograph The Milky Way: We Break Down The Techniques & Settings To Shoot Epic Milky Way Shots

When I was a teenager, every year without fail, we would go on our family camping trip. It was our traditional yearly pilgrimage. On a [...]

Beginners Guide To Astrophotography: A Quick & Easy Tutorial Of How To Take DSLR Astro Photography

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These days people are not really used to looking up for the stars and in many places, due to man-made light pollution, the night sky [...]

How To Read A Star Chart: A Simple Guide

Photography is a “scientific” form of art, deeply rooted in optics and to infuse your artistic vision in the process of crafting an image, you [...]

PhotoPills App Review 2024 – Plan Your Astrophotography Shots!

The Sky-Watcher Az-GTi is an affordable, compact, lightweight, and fully computerized tracker for amateur observers and astrophotographers. And it was a game-changer in the panorama [...]

Sky-Watcher Az-GTI Maintenance: Common Issues & Fixes

The object we refer to as the Sun burns brightly at the center of our Solar System. It is our one and only source of [...]

How Many Suns Are in the Universe?

Stargazing is a part of who you are, and there’s no better way to share your passion than on a romantic stargazing adventure with your [...]

Romantic Stargazing: The Perfect Date Night?

The universe encompasses every single thing in existence, from the smallest atom to the largest star or galaxy. Everyone and everything on Earth is a [...]

What is Bigger Than the Universe?

Astrophotography Beginners Guide

Click here to find out everything you need to know to get that perfect night sky picture.

Popular Review Guides

In-depth product reviews of the most important equipment for stargazing and astrophotography

A precise polar alignment (PA) is of utmost importance in deep-sky astrophotography. A requirement that gets more and more stringent with the increase of the [...]

Polar Scope Align Pro Review

SkySafari is a planetarium app with several advanced features, like the ability to control your telescope. While it is not the most affordable app for [...]

SkySafari Astronomy App Review

With your smartphone, you can have the Cosmos in your pocket and its exploration is only one tap away. We decided to review the most [...]

Stellarium App Review

Maksutov and Newtonian telescopes are popular among night sky enthusiasts. Both types are suitable for beginners and they both have their pros and cons. Here [...]

Maksutov Vs Newtonian Telescopes – What’s The Difference?

Podcasts have solidified their place as a go-to source for location information on a specific topic. It’s possible to find a podcast about anything under [...]

The Best Space and Astronomy Podcasts

Anyone who looks up into space has a desire to learn more about the universe beyond our tiny blue dot. For those of us not [...]

The Best Astronomy Books

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